Newly Qualified Teacher

Informed by research and the latest developments in the sector, our NQT programme puts deliberate practice front and centre, ensuring that our teachers are armed with the experience to tackle the challenges that regularly arise in the classroom. Alongside this practice runs a coherently planned set of theoretical sessions, carefully aligned to the Early Career Framework, aimed at ensuring that our teachers have not only the practical know-how to teach well, but also the professional knowledge that is essential to developing as teacher. We have already planned the second year of this programme, which will be rolled out for our NQT+1s from September 2021. Please get in touch for more information:

What’s included?

  • Four half-days of online induction training which comprise our Foundation Module. Covering both the science of how pupils learn and the principles of systematic synthetic phonics teaching, these sessions form the bedrock of our programme.
  • Six face-to-face training days which comprise our Development Module. Building on the Foundation Module, these sessions include both theoretical and practical training which is carefully designed to prepare your teachers for success in the classroom.
  • Two mentor training sessions, one full-day and one twilight, focussed on supporting your early-career teachers effectively – primarily by delivering regular deliberate practice sessions for your NQTs, week in, week out.
  • NQT & mentor accounts for PAS Pro, a comprehensive online instructional coaching tool (see below)
  • Full appropriate body sign-off included in the price.
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NQT and NQT+1 Programme:
Includes mentor training, 4 half-days of remote training in September, 6 days of in-person training throughout the academic year, mentor training, access to an online coaching tool and more. More Details

per year

per year

Fractions Subject Knowledge Enhancement Workshops (SKEWs):
Delivered in partnership with Mathematics Mastery.

(three twilight sessions)

(three twilight sessions)

Primary Education Advisors English training:

per twilight session

per twilight session

SLE Designation:

per day

per day

Delivered in partnership with University of Buckingham

per trainee

per trainee

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