We work in partnership with the University of Buckingham to deliver our PGCE. Trainees can gain a PGCE and QTS while working full time in a school. We have built a powerful programme of teacher education which is carefully aligned to the ITT framework and is designed to equip graduate teachers with the knowledge they need to develop into successful teachers. This is a superb way to grow your own teachers while providing them with high-quality teacher education. Included in the programme:
  • Nine face-to-face training days, including elements of deliberate practice, subject knowledge and pedagogy.
  • Termly visits from a university tutor
  • An online portfolio to gather evidence towards the teachers’ standards
  • Weekly readings and tasks
  • Mentor training and support
  • Support with academic writing
  • A PGCE lead to provide support with all aspects of the course

For Members

£ 5000 Per Trainee

For Non-Members

£ 6000 Per Trainee

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